What is lymphatic drainage massage?

The lymphatic system is responsible for detoxing your body; when your lymph drainage is weak, unwanted toxins lay stagnant and take the place of healthy nutrients and oxygen that could be contributing to healthy skin. It can also hold on to excess fluids, making our face and body look puffy and bloated. 

Dull skin, dryness, reactive skin, and even hyper-pigmentated skin are also associated with having a weak lymphatic system. Thankfully, simply using a facial roller can help our lymphatic system collect excess fluids and toxins from the body and ushers them out through the kidneys, liver, and bladder. 

By using the facial roller on our lymph nodes, we can drain these fluids and look more contoured and radiant. Our lymph nodes lie in several key spots around our face and neck, including at the base of our nose, around our mouth, around our jaw, underneath our chin, right behind our ears, and the back of our neck. While facial rolling, try to massage toward those key spots for maximum effectiveness.


Step by step guide

Follow our step by step guide for lymphatic drainage face massage with Carbonnique roller and never feel puffy again!
Before you start you can put your roller balls in the fridge or place them in a glass with ice for couple of minutes.


Step 1

Start your lymphatic drainage massage by rolling up your jawline and cheekbone to your ear.

Step 2

Take the roller close to your ear where your lymph nodes are located. To help the excess fluid find a way into the lymphatic system, roll down 

Step 3

To help the excess fluid find a way into the lymphatic system, roll down ending at the collarbone. 


Repeat 3-4 times on each side. This massage drains away the fluid into the lymph nodes and your face will feel reinvigorated and alive again.

Bye Puffiness!