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I love love love the Carbonnique face roller! Everything from the sleek, beautiful design to how uplifting and cool it feels on my skin to and mostly, how I look after I've used it. This effective roller is pushing my 48 years back to a solid 40


It isn't just the design which is so hyper chic, so sleek, it should be a featured object at the MOMA, it's the way it handles. It feels as good in the hand as it does in motion. I also love how it contours, gently pinches the skin. What a revelation. Even my husband loves it.


I absolutely LOVE this tool. First of all, the design is gorgeous and truly a piece of art! It hugs and massages all the contours of your face perfectly with such a unique feel, like no other roller.


starter kit bundle.

face and neck massaging tool and 1 oz rosehip oil.


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