How to make face massage part of your daily routine?


Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts when it comes to healthy, great-looking skin.


It’s natural to crave instant gratification. We want wrinkle-free skin and we want it NOW! But the quick fixes offered by intensive, invasive skin care treatments will never compete with the long-term effects of getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating well, cutting down on alcohol, quitting smoking, and sticking to a healthy skin care routine.


Making face massage a part of that daily routine, and learning to appreciate the consistency and the comfort in it, promises significant, visible results. 

How fit are you? Result of a habit.How healthy are your meals? Result of a habit. How strong are your nails? Result of a habit. How tidy is your room? You got it.Result of a habit.

How habits are created

We are all a result of the habits we develop over the years.  

The way we live our lives, each in a unique fashion, is the result of teaching our brains to respond in a certain way and repeating it over and over again.

Every habit needs four elements to form: a trigger, a craving, a response and a reward. Our brain runs through the sequence each time.

Our brain needs a trigger to initiate a behavior. It constantly looks for triggers because they signal a reward. 

There needs to be trigger for our brain to develop a craving. We need cravings, we need a motivation and we need a desire to change otherwise there is no reason to take action.

We are not motivated by brushing our teeth as such, but rather we want to avoid cavities, or simply to have a fresh feeling in our mouth.

We may feel too tired to do a workout, but we crave the endorphins rush and the tangible effect regular exercise has on our body over time.

If we consistently respond to the craving the habit is created. And the reason why we consistently respond is the result of the reward we get for taking action. I crave the endorphins so I do the workout. I look and feel better so I will crave the endorphins again and I will do it again. Rewards close the feedback loop and complete the habit cycle. 

Making Carbonnique part of your daily face care routine.

 We understand that forming habits is not an easy task. We understand that it’s hard to fit regular salon facials into your busy schedule. We know that you can have the most advanced and sophisticated beauty tools, but if you’re not using them won’t work. 

That’s why we created Carbonnique.  We are full-time working mums and having regular professional face treatments is impossibly expensive and time-consuming.

We wanted to build a beautiful product that you can use at home to help your skincare products work harder. So when you use the Carbonnique roller in your daily beauty routine, you’re sure to get that healthy “yoga glow”. Without standing on your head.


And there is joy in that, of course. 


But the other joy, the joy that transforms your beauty routine into an experience that is anything but routine is this: how it feels; how it handles; how it looks. The Carbonnique face roller is blissfully and ergonomically simple. There are no wires, no cables, no batteries. It doesn’t need to charge and it’s easy to clean. It’s always ready to use and so helps you achieve the consistency to build a healthy habit.


Here is what we do to keep Carbonnique part of our face care routine.


  1. We keep it next to our face oils or serums and always use it together (rolling helps our products penetrate deeper into your skin).
  2. We keep it in sight. Making sure we see our Carbonnique roller builds the trigger our brain needs to develop a habit. And anyway, we simply love looking at it!
  3. We take it outside of our bathrooms! Yes, once we are used to the action we Netflix and roll on our sofas.
  4. We take our roller when we travel, especially on long flights. We use it over a hydration mask for lifting and draining any puffiness or fluid buildup. 
  5. We use it when we feel stressed and feel the tension in our jaws and neck. Rolling is a great way to relax our facial muscles and make us glow when we need to be on show.