Does your face need a workout ?


The answer is yes, and no.The muscles in the face form a complex web, being attached to bones, to each other, and to the skin. Unlike bone, skin is elastic and provides little resistance. Furrowing our brows or making faces will, over time, stretch the skin. Think of the two lines that show on your forehead from narrowing your eyes. Unfortunately, smiling excessively can have the same effect.
The good news is that by using gentle, upward motions you can work against gravity and tighten the skin by strengthening the muscles that pull your face downwards. Just think of the sagging skin you are aiming to lift.
Regular face massage will relax your face and reduce tension in the jawline, as well as smooth the areas you tend to furrow like your brows or lips.

Carbonnique facial roller is designed to support the upward motion as you roll. By working against gravity, you can be sure your facial exercises are safe and effective in the prevention of fine lines and new wrinkle formation. At the same time they help to tighten the skin and increase its elasticity.


What are the benefits of facial roller?

It’s no secret that collagen a naturally occurring protein created by the body, is important in keeping the skin looking plump and youthful. Collagen makes up the structural foundation of the skin, making it elastic and resilient to many damaging factors including pollution and gravity. Lower collagen levels are synonymous with line and wrinkle development. Unfortunately, collagen levels in the skin naturally begin to deplete in the late 20’s until around the menopause.


The roller balls gently but firmly cradle and lift your skin from both sides, creating a pinching sensation which contours, uplifts and reinvigorates the skin and can improve blood circulation. Scientific studies also indicate that massaging the face can help stimulate natural collagen production, deep beneath the surface.


What is more, this massage technique does enhance dermal absorption. In addition to increasing skin temperature and blood flow, massage modifies stratum corneum  structure to enhance diffusion rates and increase the active ingredients within your skin. So, combining face massage with your favorite cosmetics is of great benefit to your skin.